The Social Networks and its Dirty Thrills


Things have moved along a lot from the days where they only way you heard new music was to either listen to the radio or to go to live gigs and hear the support band, some of which were either very good or very bad. It also depended on whether or not the local record shop actually stocked the item. Fortunately technology has moved on a bit which is just as well if the latest reports about radio playlists is anything to go on. Contrary to popular belief not everyone wants to be fed music that record executives with a passion for listener figures rather than any musical taste dictate what gets played. This would have been the death of a lot of bands, especially unsigned, but with the power of the internet, new music is on the rise with artists being able to stream their music on sites such as Soundcloud or ReverbNation (the new Myspace of the times).

Then there is also Facebook and Twitter to get the message out there to listen to it. It was through Twitter that I came across one of my new favourite band discoveries the Dirty Thrills. A random follow* by their guitarist Jack Fawdry led to listening on Soundcloud, loving the old style bluesy rock they produce, with a really tight musical sound and the vocal talents to match. I must admit I probably haven’t got this excited by a band since 2004 when Alter Bridge released their first single. Liking the music led me to their page on Pledge Music, a great site where fans can pledge on exclusive items in order to finance a new release/album. With a debut album hopefully out in July, it is this kind of fan funding that is essential in getting the music out there as companies become more and more obsessed with profits and sales figures rather than wanting to nurture creative talent.

Admittedly it has meant that anyone now has the capability to release their music to the world and whilst not trying to be incredibly critical as I really do admire anyone that has the balls to unleash their musical “talent” into the world, it does mean listening through all the posted music can sometimes be a tad painful on the ears, but it is worth finding that little gem that can hopefully grow into something big and that can be picked up by radio, record companies and fans alike

Whether we like it or not, the internet is the way forward in promoting new music, even old re-releases and as music fans we should embrace all is has to offer.

*You can follow the Dirty Thrills both on Facebook and Twitter (@DirtyThrills) or on their website To pledge on the album go to

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I have had a love of music since the cradle, been going to concerts before my teens and always looking out for new and exciting bands to hear. I may be getting older but not ready for aging gracefully yet, going to be a rock chick til I die! All opinions are my own and should not be considered anything but my own take on music. Thank you to those who have taken the time to read my blog, it is always very much appreciated. I can be found on Twitter @Skylla39
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